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Sending us a takedown request

If you are concerned that you have found material on the Connect to Country website which you have not given permission for or which is a serious invasion of your privacy, or contains content that may be regarded as obscene or defamatory, or breaches protocols maintaining the right of Indigenous peoples to determine access provisions for heritage materials which reflect their history, culture, language and perspectives, please contact us in writing stating the following:

  • Your contact details (email and phone number)

  • Full details of the material

  • The exact and full URL at which the material was found

  • The reason for your request, including but not limited to copyright law, privacy principles, obscenity, defamation, Indigenous protocols

  • If the request relates to copyright, proof that you are the rights holder or an authorised representative

  • Contact us using our online web enquiry form

  • Send your takedown request by email to the Communications team

Found something that belongs to you?

In making content available online, Connect to Country acts in good faith. However, we recognise that despite best efforts there may be occasions when material made available online is considered to breach copyright or other relevant law or contains information that is culturally sensitive.

Do you have further questions?

Please contact us for any further enquiries about copyright or about using any content from this website.

Linking to this website

You may link to this website. This permission is dependent on your agreement not to make any alteration to the information on this website.

What you cannot do with this website

You may not display pages from this website within frames on another website. You may not re-transmit, distribute or commercialise the information contained on this website without first obtaining written approval from Connect to Country.

You may not use this website to sell a product or service or to increase traffic to your website for commercial reasons such as advertising.

Request permission to reproduce the trademark

All material on this website is copyright.

You may download, display, print and reproduce this material in unaltered form for your personal or non-commercial use. Apart from any use as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, all other rights are reserved. Any reproduction permitted in accordance with the Copyright Act must acknowledge Connect to Country as the source. Any reproduction must include a copy of the original copyright and disclaimer notices as set out on this website.

If you have questions about reproduction of material on this website or copyright, please contact us. 

Registered trademark

Connect to Country is a registered trademark.

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