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Where you from?

Discover all about the Traditional Country beneath your feet.

Get around the local Traditional Owners, the same way you get around your local team.

We all have an opportunity to feel greater connections to the places we know and love.  And it comes from listening to the local Traditional Owners and supporting them in whatever ways we can.

Our goal is for all people to, not just recognise the Traditional Country that they’re on, but to understand what that really means.

You really learn a lot about a place in 60,000 years.

Because wherever you live in Australia, you live on traditional land. And even if we think we know our backyards, listening and engaging with the local First Nations peoples can help to experience them in a whole new way.

Connect to Country is an initiative to help people across this big country, to connect with the hundreds of different countries within.

Connect to Country

 'Connect to Country' ‘Bunji’ are our brand partners who are working with us to make stronger connections to everyday Australian lives.  Contact us below if your business wants to join the movement.

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You’re on Traditional Country.

It’s First Nations, plural. Wherever you live right now, you’re on traditional country.

We want everyone to know that we’re more than one big country. We’re hundreds of them.

This land gives us so much, the least we can all do is try to learn its traditional names.

“Canberra”, “Parramatta”, “Bondi”, "Wollongong" - traditional names are not as complicated as you might think.

How to Acknowledge Country.

Acknowledging Country is an easy way to show your support and respect for the Traditional Owners.


Start your journey by learning the traditional names of the Country you live on. Ask friends to do the same.  Search the web or check your local council websites for more info.


Engage with the local Traditional Owner group/s. Go to cultural events, use Indigenous businesses, support community organisations and see their Facebook pages.


Record and share an Acknowledgement of Country clip of your own. Encourage friends to do the same.


Like the Connect to Country page at Facebook. Connect, hear stories, share and commit to your journey.

Make a connection today.

There are simple steps you can take right now to start to feel more connected.

Our Partners


Continue your journey to discover Traditional Names of the Country where you live. Below are a few good links. But you will need to search locally. Check local council websites.  Search for community based organisations. Talk to people around you. Share your discovery.